Writing is like a big whole in the ceiling.

Recently, we have had plumbing problems. Ok, I can still see the 8 foot x 4 foot hole in the TV room’s ceiling. The plumber put a patch on the leaking pipe last week and we have been waiting for him since to replace the pipe. He finally called, he is to come tonight!
For the what feels like a eon, I have been writing this story that has me flip flopping around the cavernous whole of my imagination. I am finally at the end of it and I feel like I am waiting for the emperor of my imagination to come in to save the day. The last bit of the story is the hardest, I feel. How to wrap it up so everyone in happy. I know I have to simply get it down on paper, I can go back and make the scenes right later with a plot line.
Being, a sit of her pants writer, answering the questions what, when, why, how and where as I go, sometimes makes me nervous. It is part the excitement and part the insanity that drives me to write. So maybe, just maybe after the plumber comes life will get someone back to normal, then I can have an audience with the emperor. Let my imagination run wild and finish the story.

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