Changes in Temperature

Here we are listening to the wind through the trees and enjoying the temperature drop. It’s football season. It puts in mind days gone by when the trees turned color and school buses rolled. Apple butter being made and all in all just active weather. It’s different then summer when it’s a free for all, it’s harvest time. Time to clean out and make room for winter. Time to add to the cellars. It’s time for fires in the hearth and tea in the evenings. Time for fall TV shows to fill us with intrigue and things to talk about. It’s time to learn.
I read a email this morning about an older lady attending college. It’s call the Rose. If you have read it, then I hope it touched your heart as it did mine. I think everyday you should learn something new, everyday grow in a way that you don’t because just like the email. We grow older everyday, there’s no trick to it, we just do. But if we lose our pursuit of dreams then we just grow old and we stop living. These temperature changes makes me wish for school for learning, then I realize I can do it all on my own, with the adventures around me and my passion for the Arts. As long as my dreams are to be published and successful, then I won’t just grow old with my each day, but just grow each day.

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