LCRW Meeting On Internet Marketing

Yesterday, I went to my local writers group LCRW for our monthly meeting. For all those looking to writer novels, let them be any genre from Romance Novels to Fiction or even Non-fiction there is typically a group out there to join. I highly recommend it, not only for the information but the comradely.

At this particular meeting the workshop was on On-line Marketing 101, very helpful for us writers who are tiring to get people to read our own work. It helped me understand keywords and other aspects of internet lingo. Especially for my Rochester Romance Novel Examiner page. It was all great, but the part of the meeting that always helps me is the chatting with other writers, the push to meet our goals as writers and the information that will help with the writing craft in general.

As a member of RWA I belong to some loops that are specific about chatting of the craft, but it is more beneficial to get out and talk to someone face to face. I have a friend who says, “Writing is a lonely professional, as a rule we all huddle around our computers and pour our imagination and pain into the pages. It is always good to get out and see people.” I have to agree with her at this point.

Yesterday, I spoke with one of our members and her knowledge helped me work out some kinks I have ran into in my novel. Just talking to her gave me the confidence to keep writing.

So off to finish my partial Query, to type in my Synopsis and of course… Figure out the Title of my book. Any suggestions? It’s paranormal with witches, vampires and were animals. About good and evil roaming the hill of WV. I’ll take anything at this point, cause I’m at a draw.

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