Opening Night with Bob Mayer

Excitement in the air, how was Bob mayer going to present himself.  Walking into the CNYRW mini- con’s opening informal discussion was exciting; books everywhere and Mr. Mayer waiting patiently.  After reading his books, images formed in my head of a military starched man. However, last night he was human, funny and carsmatic.  His speach was on The Orginial Idea and Conflict Box, without these you really don’t have a story.  Consepts I had read and heard before, but never truly understood what exactly they meant until he exampled them.  The Orginial Idea is one sentence the main reason why you are writing this novel.  It’s not the life story, but it’s the spark of the reason. It’s what made you get your fingers running on the keyboard.  But as a writer it is so hard to get it done to one sentence, because you have to weed through all the layers you have applied to the novel to get the idea of it.
The Confilict Box shows the Anatgonist and Protagonist goals and conflict and when you cross them, there actions should be conflict each other.  You can do this for each scene, but you must have one for the story, if there is no conflict you have no story.

Now it’s time to get ready for today. Lots to learn.  Can’t wait.

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