What I learned at the A-Team Workshop

I need an anomaly to my character. What makes her different? What will set her apart from all the other vampire hunters out there in the world? Some said to give her a handicap…blind, deaf, missing an arm, a disease… but I can’t rein in my thoughts.

On Sunday, can’t believe it was just yesterday. I did the optional A-Team Warrior Writing Workshop presented by Bob Mayer in Syracuse for the CNYRW Mini-con. The weekend was a marathon of writing concepts, trade and inspiration. My brain synapses were firing so rapidly that today, I can see what and how I will change things within my office to run my story frame more efficiently, but all I can do is sit in this chair and write about my experience.

From the Sunday workshop, I have a good foundation for my story, I have the life of it, but what makes it different. My idea has never changed, but my story needs to be taken to the next level.

Several goals need to happen to get there, writing… I will need to write at least 1,000 words a day. Then I can do the fun things in my life. I need to figure out my anomaly is for my main character. Something to make her stand out. So I’ll be hitting the fan sites to check out what everyone is ravening about in the vampire hunting realm. It’s either now or never, and I’m the only one writing my story. I’m going to dare to win.

If you ever get the chance to got to on of Bob Mayer’s workshops jump on it. It will open your eyes to understanding the writing trade. Bring Bob to you, his nonfiction books on how writing are fabulous.

Especailly Warrior Writer, from writer to Published Author, out on kindle right now.

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