Notes on Warrior Writing

After the conference, my brain felt like swiss cheese lots of static and air.  One of my writer friends suggested to write down all my notes and see if I can’t free up my thoughts. I did it, and it helped.  Here is the first thing I learned in the weekend taking Bob Mayer”s Warrior Writing Workshop.

One of the first things I learned during the conference in Syracuse was the basic organization of writing. We all have millions of ideas flying in our head, some are on paper, some are on the computer, but most never see the light of day.

If we are going to be true writers dedicated to writing, then it has to be a job. Ask yourself why are you writing? For enjoyment, for the creative release, because you have too? Perhaps as a hobby, a career? If this is what you want to do start out right. Everyone says to write everyday, but can you do that? Give yourself a deadline, maybe it’s a 1000 words a day and no matter what you write at least a 1000 words, maybe it’s two thousands… make it and dedicate your work to that, the worse thing is no never finishing the work.

Make a log of how many words you wrote each day. Don’t look at it as a do list, look at it has a done list. It shouldn’t matter if it was just 200 words, you wrote 200 words. Own it. Own your idea. Own your thoughts. Tell everyone in your household, I have to write x amount of words, don’t open the door, come into the room, look at me crossed eye. Glue your ass into the chair and write. It is the only way to get through the story.

I applied this idea to my writing and have written over my 1000 word goal for five days in a role.  Loving the feeling of achievement.  Also, I joined Twitter and am in open strings dedicated to #amwriting,#writing and #writinggoals.  This gives a sence of accountablity.

1 Response to “Notes on Warrior Writing”

  1. March 23, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    I'm so glad you had the opprotunity to take Warrior Writer. Much of Bob's teaching has changed the way I approach what I do not just on a daily basis, but what I want to get out of it in the long run and how to align my tactical goals with my strategic goals.It really was a great weekend. I've learned more than I bargened for and I've taken many of his workshops before. Wait till you get Warrior Writer: From Writer to Published Author. What a great book!

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