Progress with a little help from Writer’s Therapy

Writing therapy

Word count as of Monday….5030 words and counting. Progress in my current WIP is partially in due to my wonderful new critique group, I’m nick naming the Writing Therapy Session. We’ve started a project where we break our thoughts and works into pieces. Instead of just reading line by line, each author creates:

  • a basic plot line,
  • character sketches,
  • conflict locks,
  • basic story idea.

Then, each author has the floor and we brainstorm:

  • The story,
  • Where is it going,
  • What’s the conflict,
  • Is my antagonist taking over,
  • Is my protagonist strong enough, 
  • Do I really have a tangible antagonist?

In the end, ideas flow like raindrops. It’s truly is like a writing therapy session. The good thing about the WTS is everyone knows where your work is going so if by chance you are stuck, the couch is yours. No more talking to walls, or inter conversations with your characters which lead to… you talking to yourself.

And with several therapist(critique partners) you’ll soon diverge into the meat of your story and come out with real, real reason your story is suffering.

My WTS brainstorming turn was on Tuesday, and through talking to individuals I’m on the right track. Now I know why my antagonist really ticks, the ruthless s*?of a B^5&$. Talk about inner soul-searching there. But the weight is off my shoulders, out of my mind and buzzing through my fingertips to the computer.

 My immediate goal is to complete a rough draft of my current WIP by November so I can start NaNo with a new story. If you have a story, get out there use your resources and get typing. Happy Typing.

1 Response to “Progress with a little help from Writer’s Therapy”

  1. October 22, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Love the look of your new blog 🙂 Hmm…glad your wip is on track. Mine has been derailing these past few days. I’m hoping this weekend is productive. Enjoy your weekend!!!!


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