New Year, New Month…and new Resolution…What?

It’s not a new resolution, it’s an awaking of the writers life. Ten months from the conference with Bob Mayer on getting my writing butt in gear to be a Warrior Writer. To focus! And how am I doing?!?

Let’s see in the past ten months I finished a rough Draft on a novel and submitted it to SYTYCW Harlequin contest. I went to a Conference and pitched short story, submitted it, and a got a revision request. On those terms… I’m doing 100% more progressed in my writing life then I was ten months ago.

But let’s ask how are my writing habits… they are lost in cyberland. I made a goal… 5000 words a week for 2011. But at this moment I’m looking at 347 words to date from January 2011. So back to basics, I need to focus on the goal. I need to write, read, and edit.

I have started reading for enjoyment about two weeks ago, I’m almost back to my four books a week habit. The amazing thing about writing is, you need to write, read and feel reality all at the same time… but there is hardly any time to achieve all three in one day unless you really plan.

I have a friend,  who does all three really well. Sometimes, in the car she records her ideas for later. Once she told me, on a nine-hour drive she got most of a book spoken, but when she got home she realized half of it was worth anything. But its the same for writing. We have to write until our subconscious works out the kinks in order for the story to really take a breath of its own. Then we need to edit the begeeze out of the story to polish its hardware, and finally hand it over to someone who will hopefully love it.

So I’m ready to start the process all over again, here we go. Editing, writing, outlining and reading. Let’s go 5,000 words a week. Resolution… let’s call it a life change for the better.

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