Reguritate a little which and that

We’ve all use these two words, which and that. But how much of it is left in our finished product?  Not much.  Often the word that can be removed during the editing stages. Actually, on many Publisher’s websites they have self-editing guidelines and in many of them ask to find ‘that‘ and eliminate 90% to 95% of them.  They’re not needed in the sentence structure. Once again this is regurgitated information all the way from English 101 but if you’re like me, what is not applied repetitively, can and will be forgotten.

Which is a different puddle of fish, the information it throws into the sentence is a clarification tool. The stinker about which is when using it as a nonrestrictive clause you need a comma to proceed it and may need commas to enclose the clause within in the sentence. For more information on restrictive and nonrestictive clauses . See Chicago manual of Style Chapter 6.22.

Some examples I’ve come across:

Thick dark brown hair that waved gently, hazel eyes covered by thick eyelashes, and rich lips that were moving but my brain turned to his body.

He stole my brain, synapses misfired at one look from those steamy hazel eyes framed by thick eyelashes and the Mc’awesome thick wavy brown hair. I struggled to grasp even a single thread of words, which came from those kiss-me-forever lips, damn I was in trouble.

We sleep in that bed more or less in the whole day.

We lounged in bed most of the day, just talking.

The boat which was yellow was easy to pick out at the marina.

The boat, which was yellow, was easy to pick out at the marina.

Stay tune for the next installment of Reguritation Wednesday.

2 Responses to “Reguritate a little which and that”

  1. February 2, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    Cute Deb,
    I will be a regular viewer. I love the way you kids mix up common phrases from long ago. Honey, it is ketttle of fish. There would be fewer fish in the puddle unless it was very deep and had ducks visit. This is quite a undertaking considering you have nothing else to do other than raise children, take care of hubby, write, be treasurer, handle the redesign of the site. Do you moonlight as a singer? I admire how you can do so much and do it so well.
    God Bless
    The Foxlady

    • February 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks Dee it is kettle of fish. Once you wrote it my mind snapped to it. Thanks. No I don’t sing… or I should say people have asked me not to sing. 🙂 Thanks come back by drop a few lines, always glad to hear from you.

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