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Where does the time go?

In the mad rush of summer, realizing the time is slipping away is always a disappointment.  Here we are in mid-august, school will be starting soon and for some of us lucky the Write On Rochester! Conference is right around the corner. 
Jessica Andersen is scheduled to give two workshops for LCRW on Sept 17&18 and I’m thrilled.  The workshops are on World Building and Pumping up your writing.  As a paranormal fiction writer these topical are right up my avenue.  But this could be for any genre in any style from children’s to YA to Adult to… the spectrum is broad. 
If you think it’s not worth it, think again. This conference isn’t about an all day workshop; it’s about networking. There will be editors, writers, readers and such.  Support, information on what to do and what’s going on.  At one conference I went to in the past, they were saying it’s about the elevator time.  Normally you run into editors, publishers and the like at Conferences and it’s the elevator time, that is important. You have 25 words to get your point across. 25 words, commercial to say what you need to say for that one person to remember your book.
Conferences are more than just the speakers, it’s the experience, the knowledge you gain from going.  So if you are in the Rochester area,and are a writer come out for the weekend. Find out how Jessica Andersen went from a PHD in genetics to an award winning Author and her secrets. Find out what it’s like to have elevator time, to network, to pitch your ideas. Come have an experience you’ll remember always.
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