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Regurgitation Wednesday: How do you Space?

Welcome Back to regurgitation Wednesday and today we are going to attack the idea: how many spaces goes after the period before the start of a new sentence. Depending on your age, I’m sure some of you all took a keyboarding class or two. If not I’m sure you have used a typewriter before the fancy dancy computers came along.  In the good old days, two spaces were the norm, because of the font typewriters used, it helped to visually see where a sentence began and ended. So we adopted the two space rule.

But with everything, times have changed. In E-Publishing the rule is one space after the period. And this comes partically from formatting issue when converting files into publishable formats that we all love to read on our readers. Not only does it come down to a formatting issue, it comes down to the font issue. With technology, comes change. Now we have multiple readers, multiple fonts and multiple hands changing the details. We no longer need the extra space for our eyes to distinguish sentences.

Try this challenge, ask those around you… how many spaces do you put between sentences? You’ll be surprised. More than surprised. The reason for this regurgitation topic came from my RWA chapter loop buzz. This weekend one of the members sent a link to a wonderful article on the dreaded space question and oh my, my, my did it cause a flurry of emails. All good.

We have multi-published authors in our group and they all had different ideas on space. Most in the e-publish arena use one space, and most with the traditional use two. One just had her rights reverted back to her books so she can now put her back list up as e-books. She had to take all the extra spaces out of her novels.  As you can see the issue that enslues because more and more publishers have e-book clauses now. And to have e-book formatting you’ll need a single space. You could just image the emails. Whose doing it wrong and whose doing it right… Well once again it will depend on the Publisher. In my experience with e-publishing I’ve had to take out all the double spaces after the period. Typically you can find and replace the spaces with the edit function in the most software. And then, train yourself not to add the extra space. Try as you might, but try.

Here are two websites that just get the conversion going. Enjoy.

Thank you for regurgitating with me, come back the next topic.


Help, my nightstand is empty!

I just caught up on one of my favorite author’s series and after a long day, I laid down, reached for the book on the nightstand and froze.  Nothing. My kindle is loaded with projects to do…work. So where is my fun read? Lost in the stacks and files of my to do list read. So I ask you what do you read and how do you rate the read?  What stands at the top of your list.

For instance, My dear hubby, when he reads you know its good because he will go out and acquire the book in both English and Spanish. One of my closes friends will do the same but in English and Hebrew.  And typically, the top set of bilingual books will be incredible stories worth the multiple prints. 

Me… I’ll read a book and if I find I have read it twice, if I hadn’t bought it myself, I will. So my personal library is of my favorite authors and series. I love paranormal, fantasy, romance, thrillers, suspense… I can enjoy horror but at certain times and in little doses.  Non-fiction, my quota are about two for pleasure a year.  Anyway, what’s on your nightstand? Anything good, top rated? Post a comment, because I’m desperate for a top rated read.

And while I am waiting to read something new, I’ll be fingers to the keyboard working on my current MS.

Happy Typing.


Regurgitation Wednesday… Passive Voice

Over the past five years that I’ve written, I’ve attented numerous workshops and conferences. Each Speaker has his/her twist on information that has been around for centuries…since the first cave drawings. I’m going to add my two cents into the mix.  I’m no means an expert, I just know what works for me. Most of the information I’m presenting is regurgitated from everyone who has spoken to me or I’ve read in the last few years.  No matter what you write,  some grammar issues never change.  When you submit, you want your MS as polished as you can get it.  Don’t worry, the editors and agents will give you more helpful hints to pull your MS up to the pedestal where it needs to be, but getting your foot into the door is key.

Content is supreme.  If your story has conflict, emotion, to die for characters, and you find the right person to love your baby then you’re golden.  But here are some tips that will make your novel a little more polished.

Passive voice.  This is about the style of your writing, your voice of the story.

Passive voice sentences are sentences that the verbs used aren’t in direct correlation with the subject of the sentence.  Most the times you can switch up the sentences make it mean the same but make the subject more active.  In doing so, your stories are stronger, more memorable and… in tune to what is on your bookshelves. 

According to Chicago Manual of Style: The passive voice is always formed by joining an inflected form of be (or, in colloquial usage, get) with the verb’s past participle.

Typically, you can pick out passive voice by searching your MS for the word “was” then looking to see if the word following ends in a “-ed”. Look for these verbs: is, are, am , was, were, has been, have been, had been, will be, will have been, being  followed by a past participle.

Here are examples that I’ve come across and ways to fix them:

He was tempted by her touch to move closer…. Her caress tempted him, drew him closer until he gazed deep into her eyes.

She was moved by the movie…. As the closing credit ran, she wiped the tears from her cheeks before the lights came up.  You could always say… The movie moved her to tears. But If you are going to tell the what’s happened, why not show it instead.

I was hit by a dodgeball…. The dodgeball hit me in the chest.

Houses were built……. The Andersens’s built houses.

 Stay tuned for next week. With another Regurgitated Thought.


Progress with a little help from Writer’s Therapy

Writing therapy

Word count as of Monday….5030 words and counting. Progress in my current WIP is partially in due to my wonderful new critique group, I’m nick naming the Writing Therapy Session. We’ve started a project where we break our thoughts and works into pieces. Instead of just reading line by line, each author creates:

  • a basic plot line,
  • character sketches,
  • conflict locks,
  • basic story idea.

Then, each author has the floor and we brainstorm:

  • The story,
  • Where is it going,
  • What’s the conflict,
  • Is my antagonist taking over,
  • Is my protagonist strong enough, 
  • Do I really have a tangible antagonist?

In the end, ideas flow like raindrops. It’s truly is like a writing therapy session. The good thing about the WTS is everyone knows where your work is going so if by chance you are stuck, the couch is yours. No more talking to walls, or inter conversations with your characters which lead to… you talking to yourself.

And with several therapist(critique partners) you’ll soon diverge into the meat of your story and come out with real, real reason your story is suffering.

My WTS brainstorming turn was on Tuesday, and through talking to individuals I’m on the right track. Now I know why my antagonist really ticks, the ruthless s*?of a B^5&$. Talk about inner soul-searching there. But the weight is off my shoulders, out of my mind and buzzing through my fingertips to the computer.

 My immediate goal is to complete a rough draft of my current WIP by November so I can start NaNo with a new story. If you have a story, get out there use your resources and get typing. Happy Typing.


First day of School

Pancakes on the stove. Bookbags by the front door and feet running. Thirty minutes ago the little rugrats were out the door and on their way.
It’s bitter sweet.
Gone are the carefree summer days of reading and hanging out at the pool.  My daughter has gel in her hair (training her bangs out of the way) and my son was a little man with super manners. Soon they’ll be home and after school mayhem will inslue. Homework, books, gossiup and such.
For me I have a timetable up and running where I’m going to fit my schedule in my day. So right now I’m to be picking up my house… blogging is more important. I can see my schedule going down the tube.  But I’ll give it go. Besides this is the first day of school. I can be more relaxed.


Write On Rochester!

Write On Rochester! Conference is in little over a month. Sept 17 &18 at Radiasson RIT, Rochester.  I’m so excited, not only because it’s our first conference but because we have Jessica Andersen coming in to do our workshops. All her books are amazing. She is the author of the Novels of Final Prophecy.

All are amazing in their romance and conflict with the interwoven myths of Mayan Calendars makes these doomsday romance novels into thrillers.

If you’re in the Rochester area come on out and see Jessica. She’ll be giving two workshops: World Building and Pump up your writing. Registration at
To see an article on Jessica check out my examiner post.


New ideas.

First off, yes I’ve been writing, but slowly and sporadically.  My story has turned this way and that, but I have maintain my original idea, just my characters have become younger and younger.  Throughout this process I have found my voice, my thoughts and myself… now I must write my story.  I’m going back to what I found works through the Warrior Writer by Bob Mayer  Starting August 2nd, I am dedicating 1000 words per day to myself.  I know I can do it, have done it. Now is retraining myself to do it.
The only person I can truly let down is myself, this time it won’t happen.  Time carved out is hard when balancing family, kids and life, especially when there is no cash flow, but when it is something that your passionate about, it comes down to just doing it. So here it goes, five months into my journey of writing a successful novel has come down to six months. Six months to have it query and submission ready.  At least I know the story line, the characters, the quirks, now I must write the day to day words.  I must be a warrior writer. I have my goal, the process. It’s on me to get it accomplished.

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